The Smugsworthy Egg Virtual Murder Mystery

Be prepared to meet some bizarre and highly entertaining characters as you enter world of mayhem, romance, hilarity and most of all…. Murder!

In this unique Lord Manor style Murder Mystery, participants are brought into an entertaining online world of aristocrats and eccentrics where they will witness a heinous(and slightly ridiculous) murder and then have to work together to solve the crime and establish the culprit.

Lord Smugsworthy is the current holder of the Famous Smugsworthy Golden Egg – a priceless artefact which his Grandfather took from the tomb of Tiki Tiki Tiki Beek III in Egypt. The Egg is made of solid gold – Tiki Tiki had it made because unlike other pharaohs he had an obsession with chickens rather than cats. However, the egg is said to carry with it a terrible curse….

Via Zoom, participants will encounter a variety of suspects (all played by highly experienced professional actors) . The participants interrogate the suspects, watch out for clues and work together to put together a watertight case which they present to our detective at the end of their investigation. The tone of the event is one of comedy and entertainment with just the right amount of puzzle solving to keep everyone engaged and laughing.

Our ‘Easter Lord of The Manor’ online murder mystery is unique, interactive and lots of fun.

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