Be prepared to meet some bizarre and highly entertaining characters as you enter world of mayhem, romance, hilarity and most of all…. Murder!
This fantastic event will bring your staff together in a fun and hugely entertaining way. The emphasis is on entertainment and laughs with just the right amount of interaction for participants. In a true spirit of fun, delegates will experience an online extravaganza. Lord Albert Smugsworthy, eccentric billionaire, international playboy and your new business partner will be poisoned and it will be up to the delegates to find the culprit, solve the murder mystery- and get some top quality comedy entertainment along the way. Who committed this terrible crime? That’s when the fun really begins. Participants will be split in breakout rooms and they’ll get to question suspects. They will meet and interact with hitmen, psychics, scientists, mobsters and molls amongst many other fun characters in this very colourful online experience. Once time is up, each team is asked to choose one team member to present their case to our Detective who will analyse all facts gathered and announce the winning team. With your help, we will theme the show and the humour around your business which adds hugely to the personalised experience for your team.  We have specially designed this event to be entertaining, light hearted and above all lots of fun!  

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