An emotionally gripping experiential learning workshop which has been designed to get people reflect on the team dynamics required to Summit to Success.

Team Climate for Success has been put together to help develop participants’ team working skills. It is a dynamic, fun, energetic experience, with moments of deep reflection and true learning. It will help participants define a common goal, understand how they want to work together as a team and create an understanding of the behaviours required to develop better team performance.

In Team Climate for Success we will look at the ingredients a team needs to reach success. We will focus on overcoming the difficulties of teamwork, the potential of individuals and their synergistic behaviour. We will then move to discuss how to create a committed, confident and clear team that is ready for anything the world has in store for it.

During the workshop participants use our App to complete challenges that will test if they have what it takes to reach the summit. Following the experience, participants use reflective observation to identify what occurred during the exercise, what decisions they made and the consequences of these decisions. Participants are able to make effective behavioural changes by understanding and accepting the implications of their choices.

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