Blast the office cob webs away with a fun, exciting Adventure Experience. Our Activity Days give you the option of trying your hand at not just one but a whole range of Adventure Experiences.


Three is the magic number when it comes to thrilling adventures!


Experience the thrill of descending skilfully from great heights, surrounded by stunning scenery.


This activity, popularly known as a zip wire (or Flying Fox) is sure to satisfy all adrenaline lovers or those wishing to push themselves well outside their comfort zone.


In reality, climbing is just a game. No one has to climb mountains or rocks, mostly because there are no mountains in Malta (so that’s a start!)


Experience the Maltese Islands from a unique perspective whilst enjoying an exciting ride in a 4×4 jeep!


Malta could be likened to Peru in terms of trekking possibilities… if Peru was mostly flat, dry and accessible. As it stands, Malta may be small but the trekking possibilities on offer are surprisingly varied!

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