Round the World Eggstravaganza

Buckle-up and get ready for the epic Easter adventure!! Is your team ready for a fun globe-trotting race around the world to collect as many virtual Easter Eggs as you can?

In Round the World Eggstravaganza teams travel around the globe completing a variety of fun and exciting challenges to win as many Easter Eggs as possible.

The group is split in teams of 5 participants each. Using our Go Team App on their mobile device, players share the information they see on screen to successfully complete the task. Challenges will be a mix of fun Easter traditions, chocolate trivia and of course some fun team photo challenges!!

A countdown clock keeps the team on their toes, as teams race through the game completing Easter and chocolate-themed challenges along the way to earn the most virtual Easter Eggs.

At the end of the event there will be a short presentation with the photos taken by the teams.

Optional: Do you have offices around the world? Would you like to include customised challenges to reflect your company culture and brand? Speak to us on how we can customise the game just for your team.

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