Success of GO Team APP leads to European award for Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living has been presented with a prestigious award by major international teambuilding specialist Catalyst Global, for being the European Catalyst Partner to sell the most events via the Go Team App.

The Go Team App includes a variety of teambuilding activities, such as the very popular ‘iChallenge’ activities, which lead teams on a high-tech fully-interactive treasure hunt around Valletta, Mdina, Birgu and Gozo, and the ‘Around the World’ challenge which enables a globe-trotting team to virtually visit a number of countries and undertake tasks to earn points en-route.

Likewise, the App offers the ‘Panoramic Trail Quest’, a fun outdoor activity where teams armed with interactive GPS maps must swap their means of transport, be it mountain bikes, quad bikes, Segways or trekking, for a new one at allocated checkpoints along the route.

Following the Catalyst Award win, and inspired by the ongoing success of the Go Team App, Outdoor Living will soon also launch the ‘Go Escape’ challenge, which centres around Escape Rooms. Themed indoor or outdoor, popular Escape Room challenges are here combined with the interactivity and real time scoring of the Go Team App, to offer teams the ultimate challenge in which they must work together, discover hidden items, solve puzzles, and unlock secrets to escape, and win.

Armed only with a tablet and a backpack of equipment, teams can tackle any of the Escape Room challenges available, including those with themes such as Escape the Mob, Escape the Matrix or a CSI inspired challenge, where teams must investigate a homicide case.

Contact Outdoor Living today to discuss using the Go Team App or adding a ‘Go Escape’ challenge to your next team event or conference!

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