Let our team make yours!

When it comes to building the best team, it takes one to know one!

When a company decides to book a teambuilding event, the choice of teambuilding supplier can be of more importance even than the choice of activities at the event.

Your chosen teambuilding supplier must already have a team that practices what it preaches, that has all the right attributes necessary to make the event the very best it can be, so that your company team will be inspired to be the very best it can be.

That’s why, at Outdoor Living, our passion for teambuilding begins at home, with building ours.

Leading by example, our team tests every new activity and regularly carries out our own teambuilding exercises. We’ve personally tried and tested everything, so our team is ready, prepared and eager to expertly improve yours.

When our team members were each asked what they felt was the secret of success for the Outdoor Living team, there were three buzzwords that repeatedly came up in their answers:

 1. Passion

“Passion for what we do.”

“We are passionate about teambuilding, and love challenges.”

“We genuinely love and are committed to what we do.”

 2. Respect

We are treated with respect by everyone in the team”

There’s never any finger-pointing, not even when something goes wrong.”

“We keep it fun, but we always keep it respectful and professional.”

 3. Collaboration

We collaborate on each project and do our best to help each other out

“We support and trust each other”

“Socially we know each other very well – we are friends as well as colleagues”

 With these three cornerstones of passion, respect and collaboration, at Outdoor Living we look forward to delivering not just events but shared experiences, to help you build and maintain a strong and highly effective team, just like ours. Contact Outdoor Living today to discuss your next teambuilding experience!

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