Is your team ready for the chain reaction challenge?

Start a Chain Reaction with the latest innovation in teambuilding!

Outdoor Living introduced a new and exciting teambuilding event to Malta last month: the ultimate creative challenge for your team, ‘Chain Reaction’.

This latest unique activity is inspired by the ‘Rube Goldberg’ machines, in which a series of separate devices are linked together to produce a seamless domino effect. ‘Chain Reaction’ challenges individual teams to each assemble a particular component, that must work in unison with all other teams’ devices to cascade one to the next, creating a mega ‘machine’ in an exciting finale.

With the success of each mechanism being so vital to the success of the overall result, this is an excellent analogy for teams, highlighting how they function separately and with others in your organisation. Team members are challenged to find creative solutions with the resources they have available, within a limited time frame, whilst also being mindful of how their individual piece of the puzzle works as part of a bigger picture.

Through innovation, creativity and working collaboratively, your team can enjoy the morale boost of designing and making a functioning machine together in a fun and non-competitive environment, whilst also translating any newfound strategic, communication and project management skills for use back to the workplace.

Chain Reaction’ may be played as a life-size version, in which the final machine can fill an entire room, or it can also be available for use on a table-top. This smaller scale version revolves around a game-board and a set of detailed game cards that team members must discuss within their own team, before sharing information and resources with other teams to create the most innovative series of simple machines.

Part of the Catalyst Global portfolio, ‘Chain Reaction‘ is an ideal intelligent teambuilding activity to add to the schedule of anything from a training programme, to a conference with hundreds of delegates in attendance, guaranteed to be a wow-factor event!. Contact Outdoor Living today to discuss adding ‘Chain Reaction’ to your next team event!

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