Lights, Sound, Mayhem!
In this highly engaging cinematic adventure, a number of small teams are faced with a fun and irresistible challenge: to create a short comedy film based on the history of Valletta.   Each team is given a digital video camera, a briefing on the history of Valletta and information about the main attractions of the city. The teams must then shoot their script at different locations around Valletta, whilst at the same time experiencing the historical and cultural treasures that the city has to offer.   As any Hollywood mogul will attest, making a movie is no simple task. Who will act? Who will direct? And what about the camera operator and the scriptwriter? Teams need to allocate themselves to the many roles required to produce a hit movie – clearly, serious teamwork will be essential for success in this anything-but-serious event.   Working under a strict deadline, the teams must hand in their footage so that it can be professionally edited overnight in time for a grand premiere of the work on the following day when teams watch their creations on the big screen. Who knows, maybe we’ll discover the new Buster Keaton or Chaplin!

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