When was the last time you tasted the thrill of victory? Welcome to our Gladiator Arena, where only the bravest of the brave achieve immortality!
The Games are on as gladiatorial teams are summoned together to the Ludus Magnus. They are then instructed to invent a Gladiator Team Cheer. Each team will perform their cheer in front of a panel of Roman Magistrates, who will award points based on creativity, originality and choreography.   After the judging of the Gladiator Team Cheer, teams must then rotate around a series of themed battle zones in a quest to earn as much ancient currency as possible. This is vital because it all leads to the ultimate Gladiatorial Finale – a Chariot Race! So will it be thumbs up or thumbs down for our warriors? Who will be Victorious aximus and who will get a Brutus Defeatus? All hail the Games!

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