Has anyone seen Wilson?
This team-building event takes place on the tiny and picturesque isle of Comino. Marooned on the island with only their wits and their ability to work together, teams must put their orienteering skills into practice, and make their way around the island in the hope of finding a way to get back to mainland Malta.   As teams set foot on the island of Comino, they are welcomed by natives who instruct them in a series of tasks that must be completed if they want to stand a chance at ever being able to find rescue. Using a GPS, teams make their way to marked locations for each of the tasks. Every task requires the employment of a different skill set and each must be successfully completed before the team is allowed to proceed to their next stop.   Upon their arrival at the final location, the Local Chief has one last task for them. Completing this task will allow them to finally get away from this island: they must Build a Boat to take them to the rescue gullets waiting out at sea!

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