Climb into your 4x4 and dash around Malta collecting as much ‘fun money’ as possible to be able to build the best Top Gear Car!
Small groups of five participants are given a back-pack containing a clue book, a map of the island and a digital camera. The teams must then travel around the island in jeeps, following clues and visiting a variety of locations where they must complete tasks to win ‘fun money’. When the tasks have been completed, the teams return to base with all the ‘fun money’ they have earned. After a pause for lunch, the teams must design and build their classic Top Gear Car!   Using the amount they earned in the morning, teams purchase parts for their car from our Top Gear store. Teams must discuss and agree on how to spend their finances on the right combination of parts that will enable them to build a winning car. This involves negotiation, planning and teamwork.   With their purchased car parts, the teams must then construct their designs and present them to the world in a product launch worthy of a new Top Gear Car! The final stage is also the most thrilling. Prepare for lots of laughs as teams race around our ‘F1’ track in a bid to be the first to the finish line. The first team to cross the chequered flag will collect the lion’s-share of the points. Fun, engaging, competitive and creative, this event is podium winner!

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