Transform your team into the ultimate PitStop crew as they construct - and race - their very own car on the Super Speedway!

Crews are supplied with large sheets of cardboard, wooden wheels and metal shafts. Their task: to create their own ‘classic’ racing machine. All team members share in the design and construction of the car. When complete, two of the crew provide the horsepower by pulling the car and its driver all the way to the finish line! First past the chequered flag wins the entire event.

Besides the actual construction of the car, crews must also pitch their design by way of a presentation. Judges award points on the originality, performance and teamwork shown during these pitches. As the start time of the race approaches, teams position themselves on the starting line, waiting for the moment of truth. Will the car prove to be a winner? Or will it be a wreck? Will it be a case of The Fast and the Furious, or do we badly have a Need for Speed? The race will separate the Greased Lightenings from the Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs. Le Mans from Le Boys.

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