Alert! This is a Code 187, homicide. All teams report to District immediately!
Put down your coffee and concentrate. This is no time for games. Someone has been murdered and the chief detective needs help. All delegates are to be recruited to help assist in solving this crime and finding the murderer, fast!   All new recruits are assigned to smaller Crime Scene Investigation Teams, and each team is provided with a detective pack, a UV pen, a pair of handcuffs and an ink pad. With the clock ticking, teams must set out on a feverish hunt to be the first to get to the bottom of the crime.   Teams first examine the crime scene, sift for clues, and scout out evidence in an attempt to piece together the events that took place. They will also get the opportunity to interrogate murder suspects with the aim of whittling down the list until only one remains. For the murderer, it’s jail. For the teams, it’s donuts. Coffee is for winners.

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