Experience Valletta 2018 with Outdoor Living’s innovative teambuilding events

Make the Most of the Culture Capital with Creative Teambuilding Events

In 2018, Malta’s capital city Valletta takes on the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture.

Awarded the accolade by the EU following a tough selection process, Valletta is now the epicentre of an entire year of unique activities throughout the Maltese Islands, all of which will showcase the best of local and European culture. And, with a wide selection of innovative teambuilding events designed to make the most of the historic city of Valletta, Outdoor Living can help your team experience V18 in a totally new, different and fun way.

From riddle-solving adventures to filming challenges, here are just a few of Outdoor Living’s creative experiences available for your team to enjoy this year in the Capital of Culture.


Knights Chase iChallenge

Ever since the fortified city of Valletta was first built by the Knights of St John in the 1500s, it has been brimming with history in every Baroque architectural nook. The Knights Chase iChallenge lets your team walk in the footsteps of the Knights, in a high-tech treasure hunt around the city to discover Maltese culture.

Your team must work together to complete a series of interactive challenges relating to the time of the Knights in Malta, to discover Valletta’s historical treasures and maintain the honour of the Knights!


Beer iChallenge

What do you get if you cross a treasure hunt, a quiz, and a pub crawl? The Beer iChallenge, of course!

Guided to different pubs and bars across Valletta by the Go Team app, your teams will complete fun beer-related trivia questions, photos and video challenges, and toast their victory with a glass of locally brewed beer.



Wannabe crimefighters need look no further than CSI, where teams race to be the first to get to the bottom of a brutal crime. Hurrying through the grid city of Valletta, each team must find evidence, interrogate suspects and analyse evidence, to solve the mystery and catch the culprit before the other team does.


Escape The Mob

Teams find themselves the victims of the ultimate set-up, in this exciting Escape Room-like challenge. Each team is incriminated in the perfect diamond heist, and against the clock they must get their alibi straight and work out who stole the loot, to be let off the hook. Each team receives a bag of items to help them on their quest, before setting off around Valletta to escape the mob on their tails and complete challenges along the way to the solve the crime.


History in Motion

The rich and intriguing history of Valletta is the subject of a short comedy film created by your team, in this engaging cinematic adventure. Armed with a digital video camera and a briefing on Valletta’s history and plentiful attractions, each team must cast, produce and shoot their own script at different locations around the beautiful capital.


Travel Show

Your team becomes an on-location TV production unit in this demanding challenge to make a mini travel documentary about the city of Valletta. Each team must decide who among them will be presenters, camera crew, sound, location management, props and director.

The one-of-a-kind five-minute travel show they produce will need to include a variety of locations throughout the city including historic and cultural hotspots, and interviews with the locals.


Film Your Own Ad

Innovative advertising is the name of the game, as your team works together to produce an advert or infomercial using Valletta as its backdrop. With the clock ticking, each team writes and shoots their ad, with the help of a video camera, some props and information about potential filming locations in the city. The adverts are then edited overnight by the professional editing crew, before a grand screening the following day.


Valletta Good Eats

Experience the European Capital of Culture for 2018 from a particularly tasty perspective: food!

Your teams set out on a high-tech adventure around Valletta to produce a unique food travel guide, discovering the delicious local cuisine, and the culture and glorious history that has inspired it.



Based on the world’s bestselling board game, this interactive challenge gives teams the chance to discover Valletta in a new and fun way. Following their custom-made Maltaopoly map on their tablet, each team earns valuable points as they explore the culture capital, whilst completing ‘Chance Card’ challenges and answering trivia questions along the way, to win with the most revenue.


Love these ideas for team building ideas in Valletta? Contact Outdoor Living today to discuss how to turn your creative team events into unique experiences in the European Capital of Culture this year!

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