Innovate as a team in a creative, collaborative remote environment

Digital Global Innovation Game is a remote team building activity that brings your team together digitally to create new and innovative ideas.

Teams connect using a digital conferencing tool, logging onto the Digital Global Innovation Game website where each player is dealt a hand of interactive playing cards.

Everyone has a mix of Object, Tech and Data colour-coded cards, to ‘click and drag’ into combinations to create a revolutionary Smart Object, Service or Tool.

Breakout groups then take this new idea to the next level, brainstorming and sharing concepts to decide on the strongest innovation and work on their master pitch. In an exciting finale, each team delivers a persuasive, Dragon’s Den-style presentation of their chosen idea virtually to a panel of judges.

Beat ‘Zoom fatigue’ and stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship in your team with the Digital Global Innovation Game, making them ready to pitch their next business idea.




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