Virtual Music Festival


Do you miss going to music festivals? Prove your team are the ultimate festival fans and score as many festival points as you discover 7 music stages.
Time for some Summer Music Festival Fun! You and your friends will get a one-day pass and full access to our virtual Music Festival. Using our Go Team App and dedicated website, teams are challenged to solve riddles, look up acts and facts and take photos and videos to show their experience around our virtual Music Festival.  The Global Festival ground has 7 different music stages each with a different music genre. Teams set about to discover them all. The team with the most points at the end will be declared the winning team. Global Festival Game sparks memories and conversation in teams developing bonds. By learning to gather and communicate the information effectively, teams see a return on their improvement as they gain points for their team and knowledge of the music industry. Each zone allows the allocation of tasks to specific team members, so they can play to their strengths for the overall benefit of the team.  

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