Teams take on a formidable quest to create a vaccine against a synthetic virus that threatens the world.
Teams learn from an intriguing video that a few months ago a synthetic virus that destroys people’s ability to communicate and collaborate was discovered. A team of international scientists, while developing a vaccine against the virus, have tragically become infected. They are now unable to cooperate and have encrypted, locked up and hidden their findings. Teams are challenged to discover the vaccine and save the world! In this quest they must open the boxes, decrypt the codes and bring the right DNA samples to the analyser. Can they discover the vaccine before it’s too late?
Outbreak is a fun and experiential learning game that enhances team work and problem-solving skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Effective communication and active listening are essential ingredients to success. Over the course of the game, team members come to realise that each person’s individual talent, strength and capability is important to the effectiveness of the team. Teams learn to work efficiently and effectively within limited time constraints developing their collective problem-solving skills.

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