Crime Solvers teambulding Event


Experience the thrill of deduction and camaraderie with Crime Solvers, where solving crimes becomes an unforgettable adventure!

Step into the world of suspense and intrigue with our immersive teambuilding activity, “Crime Solvers,”. Prepare for a thrilling challenge unlike any other. A grave crime has been committed, and the seasoned chief detective needs your expertise.

In this heart-pounding experience, teams transform into skilled detectives tasked with unravelling a complex criminal mystery. Your mission: meticulously assemble the scattered pieces of evidence to crack the case wide open. Employ authentic investigative techniques, including fingerprint analysis, chromatography, and ultraviolet lighting, as you meticulously scour the crime scene for vital clues.
Armed with a comprehensive information file and cutting-edge iPads, your teams must unmask the perpetrator and decipher the motive behind the heinous act. It’s not just about pointing fingers; it’s about backing your accusation with concrete proof.

Crime Solvers isn’t merely a teambuilding exercise; it’s an exhilarating, mind-bending, and spine-tingling challenge that fosters unparalleled team cohesion. Your group will be left scratching their heads as they meticulously reconstruct the puzzle, all before relishing the exhilaration of unravelling a convincing murder mystery that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

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