Malta could be likened to Peru in terms of trekking possibilities… if Peru was mostly flat, dry and accessible. As it stands, Malta may be small but the trekking possibilities on offer are surprisingly varied!
Our trekking tours are flexible and can be modified to suit any client’s fitness level and abilities. Treks range from 2 hours in duration to 5-day packages.   This is one of our favourite walking routes – the Dwejra Lines walk, which usually takes around 2.5 hours to complete:   The trek starts on the road leading to the village of Mgarr and winds its way along the Dwejra Lines, which form part of the Victoria Lines. The Victoria Lines are a series of fortifications that cut right across Malta from coast to coast. They were built by the British Armed Forces in Malta between 1870 and 1899. This trek takes us over an assortment of terrains such as hill slopes, stairs, different types of rocky ground, pathways and roads, and also involves a small amount of climbing.

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