Build a horse and race it in fun filled derby with bets and auction proceeds going to your charity of choice..
To kick-start the action, each team is presented with ingenious ‘flat pack’ rocking horse kits which they pop-out and feverishly assemble with limited time. With the floor cleared and lanes established, the betting phase of the activity begins. Teams go head to head in a series of hilarious high stakes races. Each race is an adrenaline fuelled roller coaster of emotion, as teams place bets. The action concludes with the horses being auctioned and the proceeds being donated to charity.   Teams learn the importance of the accurate interpretation of instructions through to completion under pressured conditions as competing teams jostle to complete all around them. Too fast and the horse will break – too slow and other teams steal a march on them. The horse betting element relates to learning knowhow for investing strategically, understanding odds and working them to the advantage of the team to maximise the benefit for all.

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