Teams collaborate and communicate to create an enormous interconnected multi-canvas artwork reflecting your team’s goals & values.
Our designers collaborate with you to create a stunning image that reflects your corporate identity, values and key messages. On the big day your teams, armed with brushes and paints, will create a masterpiece with truly epic proportions. All they need is the ‘Big Picture’ approach. At the start of the exercise the delegates are divided into small teams responsible for painting one or several individual canvases – each small segment of The Big Picture artwork. Armed with brushes, paint, very little information and, importantly, no idea what the image will be, the teams have to work with each other to ensure lines meet and colours match. Big Picture ensures communication between teams on a variety of levels. The bespoke masterpiece created by your team serves both as a review tool and a reminder of learning from the activity – it can also be installed back in your workplace.

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